Well it's four weeks to Octocon and to the Golden Blasters  as we type, a secret panel hidden deep beneath the earth is busy in a life or death struggle to decide the final selection to entertain and excite you, while we await their decision here's an article we like to humbly call......

the blasters that time forgot

We all have a favourite film that come awards season is snubbed but later is recognised as a classic... (STAR WARS, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, LA CONFIDENTIAL) Well here at The Blasters we have no such problem recognising short films from the past that had the blasters exisisted would have walked away with the trophy and bringing them to you to enjoy....so first up in this occasional series is

TAG 26 (DAY 26)
Germany 2002
Director: Andreas Samland

26 days have passed since an unknown biological disaster has devastated the countryside killing people where they stood. Now, two survivors sealed from each other and the peaceful world that would kill them in their suits travel the land looking for supplies and the chance of survivors , but when they come to a farmhouse..a glimpse of hope leads to disaster and prehaps one last act of humanity.

John Vaughan says: From Germany , the award winning TAG 26 shows a peaceful but bleak world devastated by disaster, played out in almost complete silence  and captures the basic Humanity that lies within us....bleak yes but also deeply moving and will stay with you long after the credits roll.

For your viewing pleasure:

The Golden Blasters: The Silent City

Silent City Poster

In a war-torn near-future, three soldiers fight to survive an enviroment that is out to kill them with booby traps, snipers and something very, very different.

The Silent City is a wonderful Irish film that captures the horrors of a post-war environment perfectly.

John Vaughan says, "Starring Cillian Murphy (of Batman Begins and Sunshine fame), Oscar-nominee Rurairi Robinson shows in this visually astonishing short that through the use of both digital FX and traditional film making that it is now possible for short film makers to acheive an epic breadth and scale in their productions, even when it's lacking in most features."

John Vaughan: The Golden Blasters Interview

As interest in the first National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards (AKA The Golden Blasters) grows, we here at Octocon HQ took a moment out from measuring our tuxedos and fabulous designer dresses to ask director John Vaughan not only what he will be wearing but a few questions about the festival itself.

Octocon: So what gave you the idea of having a film festival at Octocon?

John Vaughan: Over the past few years I've been travelling to some film festivals and I've seen some excellent genre short films - especially from Ireland. However, the main medium for exhibition is just film festivals so unlike the big budget Hollywood blockbuster very few people get to see these films. Having discussed it at length with the Octocon committee, we felt it was time to bring some of these films to the attention of the Octocon audience who we knew would enjoy and appreciate them. Hence the Golden Blasters.

O: What can we expect?

JV: Fun! The most important thing to know is that these films have been selected on the basis that they are entertaining to watch. You wouldn't believe the amount of festivals I've attended where you have to sit through a film such as the one about the perils of Growing Cabbages in northern France. Yes, such films exist. So while we've selected entries chiefly for entertainment value, it doesn't mean they don't have something to say.

O: Will the festival just be sci-fi films?

JV: No. This festival is open to the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy. This year we are looking at a good mix of horror and science fiction with variations from alternate history to out-and-out comedy.

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