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The Golden Blasters 2012....and so it begins!

The entrants have been watched, they have been weighed, they have been measured and they have not been found wanting. This year we had the largest selection of entrants yet and the most difficult decisions to make to date when it came to our final selection, be it Rock operas set at Miskatonic University to two men discussing the potential of life in the universe in the desert to solar experiments with unforseen and disasterous circumstances. To all our entrants we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with hours of entertaining and intelligent work.

  So without further ado, onto our seven nominees for this years Blasters and once again we will be spanning the world in our quest for this years winners, from England to Canada, The United States to Australia. From a unique vision of Texas in the near future to the depths of deep space and back to the innerworld of Cyberspace, we promise you a show you will never forget. So turn down the lights , draw the curtains and prepare for this years Blasters because here come our first two nominees.....

MURGI KENO MUTANT (Attack Of The Killer Mutant Chickens)
Animation : Bangladesh: Directed By Nayeem Mahbub
                      MURGI KENO MUTANT img

Bangladesh, the near future and the city is terrorized by mutant killer chickens. The only line of defence, Mashud Khan, Kung Fu instructor and Dhaka's number 1 mutant chicken chef, hey people still gotta eat!

John Vaughan says: We are honoured to show our first entry from Bangladesh and what an entry. 15 minutes of animated high adventure that is as insane and brilliant as the title suggests.You may never look at Chicken the same way again.

Documentary: Canada: Directed by Kieran Dick

                       No Relation image

Within his writings Phillip K. Dick often posed the question "What is real?" In this short experimental documentary, film maker Kieran Dick (No Relation) asks "what is real and how do you capture it?" A fictional character, a fake and a phony come together from the world of Phillip K Dick to discuss discuss the possibilities of trying to document truth.

John Vaughan says: Shown at this years Slamdance film festival , what appears to be an experimental documentary on the writing of Phillip K Dick could be nothing more than a figment of the imagination of the director or it could be the truth?  A film the Author himself would question " Is this real?"

"Ubermensch" Wins Coveted Golden Blaster

At nearly 8 o'clock in Dublin's Camden Court Hotel, the winners of the National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards, The Golden Blasters, were announced.

Golden Blasters Logo

"Ubermensch", a tale asking the question, "What if Superman had landed in early-20th century Germany rather than Kansas?", was announced as being the best in show, winning the Golden Blaster Award, as decided by the guest judges. It was directed by Simon Temple and written by Daniel Poole, based on a short story by Kim Newman.


The Blasters' audience, however, voted to award "The Astronomer's Sun", an emotional story about a young man and his mechanical teddy bear, the Silver Blaster. The film was written and directed by Simon Cartwright & Jessica Cope.

Astronomer's Sun

The script competition was even closer, but Stuart Creque's "He Knows" came out on top.

The evening, however, was not finished, as John Vaughan, the Awards' host, began to announce the winner of the Blaster For Creative Achievement. For his work on "The New Twilight Zone", it was George R.R. Martin, who is currently at work on the HBO series "A Game of Thrones", based on his novels, who won out.

George thanked the people whose short stories he had adapted during his tenure on the show and was given a massive round of applause.

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