The Golden Blasters

The Golden Blasters: Captain Coulier

Captain Coulier, from Canada, directed by Lyndon Casey and produced by David Fradkin and James Gallagher, is the final nominee for this year's Golden Blaster Award.

It may be time for the last nominee, but by no means is it the least nominee! Captain Coulier has been selected for this year's Sundance , Atlanta and Cinevegas Film Festivals and it has has won Best in Fest at this years LA Comedy Fest.

"There's nothing out there  and I'll be the first to find it!"

"Sick of the pressure from his parents to be a success on Earth, Anthony Coulier volunteered to become a Space Explorer, now the captain of a focused crew with misson operations under control, Boredom and loneliness sinks in ans Coulier begins to think maybe space exploration just isn't his schtick......"

John Vaughan says, "What if Star Trek had been Canadian? Captain Coulier explores what happens between adventures on board a ship with an ongoing mission to explore the never-ending void between worlds! This is the tale of a man who has seriously misjudged his career in life... resulting in a very black comedy!"

Only Thirteen Days To Go!

Hello everyone!

We here at Octocon Towers (and our colleagues beavering away in the OctoCave to find OctoGold™ in order make limited edition foil-embossed collectors' comics) are so very, very excited to be only two weeks away from Octocon 2009!

Just in case there are people out there still not sure what they'll be doing on the 10th and 11th of October (you know who you are!), we thought we'd tease you with a few little things to whet your appetites!

Firstly, in an homage to message boards all across the Internet, we shall have lots of reasoned and interesting discussions, that will ocassionally devolve into lolcats before getting back on topic. Among the panels we have in store, we will have a discussion on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) issues within the genres of speculative fiction, a debate on whether music can really be a storytelling medium, and a question of fans' ownership of the people that create their books, comics, movies and TV shows brought on by this blog post by Neil Gaiman.

Secondly, we'll have many mini-events happening throughout the weekend. There are of course The Golden Blaster Awards, at which we will show you several short films, you get to pick your favourite and just maybe win a prize yourself! But there are also such goings-on as our Saturday night events, at which you shall be entertained like some kind of royalty, and this little thing we like to call...

Octocon's Next Top Monster!


The Golden Blasters: Elobb Utobb (Sooner Or Later)

This week we are proud to nominate the winner of the Golden Spike Award in 2007 Elobb Utobb (Sooner or Later) from Hungary by writer and director Istvan Madarasz.

In the dying days of World War II, in a bunker somewhere beneath the bombed out streets of Berlin, the Nazis prepare one last desperate throw of the dice to achieve ultimate victory... Time travel!


sooner or later

John Vaughan says, "Writer/director Istvan Madarasz has taken one of the great clichés of pulp science fiction and turned it on its head, asking if you could travel through time, where would you go? How far could you go? Producing a story of quiet power and humanity!"

We can't wait for you to see this! Be there and be square! ;)

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