The Golden Blasters

"Ubermensch" Wins Coveted Golden Blaster

At nearly 8 o'clock in Dublin's Camden Court Hotel, the winners of the National Irish Science Fiction Film Awards, The Golden Blasters, were announced.

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"Ubermensch", a tale asking the question, "What if Superman had landed in early-20th century Germany rather than Kansas?", was announced as being the best in show, winning the Golden Blaster Award, as decided by the guest judges. It was directed by Simon Temple and written by Daniel Poole, based on a short story by Kim Newman.


The Blasters' audience, however, voted to award "The Astronomer's Sun", an emotional story about a young man and his mechanical teddy bear, the Silver Blaster. The film was written and directed by Simon Cartwright & Jessica Cope.

Astronomer's Sun

The script competition was even closer, but Stuart Creque's "He Knows" came out on top.

The evening, however, was not finished, as John Vaughan, the Awards' host, began to announce the winner of the Blaster For Creative Achievement. For his work on "The New Twilight Zone", it was George R.R. Martin, who is currently at work on the HBO series "A Game of Thrones", based on his novels, who won out.

George thanked the people whose short stories he had adapted during his tenure on the show and was given a massive round of applause.

The Golden Blasters: The Winners!

Hello again everyone!

For those of you that couldn't make it, the first ever Blaster awards were decided this weekend after screenings that took the audience's breath away!

First up, The Silver Blaster award was decided by our panel of judges, which was made up of film maker Maura McHugh, writer Mike Carey and superfan Dave Lally. After much deliberation, the Hungarian-made time travel story Elobb Utobb (Sooner Or Later) was chosen for this prestigious award.


The film is astounding in both its simplicity and complexity and truly deserves the award! The film was directed and written by Istvan Madarasz.


But there can only be one winner of the audience-chosen Golden Blaster award, and it certainly was a close one!


The visually stunning Irish film, The Silent City, has been chosen by a single vote to be this year's winner! Director Ruairí Robinson makes a very believable future war zone come to life with some of the best special effects we've ever seen!


Our audience prize was also given out to one lucky attendee, which was a voucher from the lovely people at The Secret Book & Record Store on Wexford St. in Dublin City Centre!


Congratulations are due to all of our award-winners, but every film was chosen by Mr. John Vaughan because it was a fantastically entertaining piece of sci-fi, fantasy or horror. They all deserve a huge round of applause or the nearest internet-based equivilent! :)

Only Six Days To Go!

Oh hi there, October Convention-lovers!


These past few days, all we've been hearing are staged whispers about "letting out your inner geek" and "nerdgasming" and "transforming" and "rolling out", but what does it all mean?


Well, it may indicate a change in neuro-linguistical programming brought on by some kind of new mass-marketing machine built by Doctor Advertiso, OR, it could mean that Octocon 2009 is nearly upon us!


With only six days to go, we're putting together our final preparations for one of the greatest conventions of all time!


So, what do you have to look forward to besides The Golden Blasters film festival, Octocon's Next Top Monster, meeting Mike Carey, Derek Gunn, Michael Carroll, C.E. Murphy and more, meeting your fellow fans, and "competing to be the worst" at The Red Shirt Olympics?


We're glad you asked!


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