The Golden Blasters

The Third Golden Blasters Nominee!

Ah hello, you know after watching this latest entry, it's left me feeling a little peckish... so you go ahead and have a look at the latest entry while I go and get something to eat...

*sound of a struggle, a girl screams, gunshots* "Brrrrrainnnnnnns!"

Writer/Director Timothy Laks



It is the future, and in a police-run state the city shines -- every surface is polished and gleaming. In this technological "Paradise" no one goes hungry: all the nutrition you need comes in the form of a pill. However: one old woman has come to the surface, and brings with her the ultimate act of rebellion...fresh food!

John Vaughan says:

"Subsistence is a simple tale of rebellion told well, showing us how the simplest acts can also be the greatest acts of defiance and has an ending that one can only compare to the moral fables of Ray Bradbury...and that is no bad thing."

Join us Monday when we announce our next entrant for this year's Blasters until then....BUUUURRRRPPP....Oh I'm terribly sorry it must have been something I ate!

The Second Golden Blasters Nominee!

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Dea-- what? Are you sure? What do you mean I need glasses...?

All right, I'll look again! Oh I'm terribly sorry it's actually the second entry for this year's Blasters!

Director: David K.Wilson


It is the near future, and an unseen environmental disaster has devastated the Earth. In the scrublands, however, live a single family in safety, in their Earthship: a house that runs in harmony with it's surrounding environment. The youngest son Dax, however, is a dreamer, and plans to see what is left of humanity against his family's wishes, until a young woman named Isis stumbles into their lives in a tattered biological suit telling a story of a world rebuilding itself... Will Dax join her in the world outside or is there someone else coming for the Earthship?

John Vaughan says:

"The longest of this year's entries, Earthship tells a tale of an environmentally devastated future and an emotionally devastated family, and tells it well, all the while also thrilling us with a tale of survival and possible renewal."

The First Golden Blasters Nominee!



The excitement is building here at Octocon Towers as we have just recieved news from a rider atop a  shaggy tauntaun (I told them I could reference the Empire Strikes Back Audio Casette Storybook...) the nominees for this year's short film awards have been selected, from the distant surface of Mars to a Hospital room in Ireland, this year's Blasters present various thought-provoking glimpses of the many possible futures at hand, and with entries from Ireland to Italy, New Zeland to the United States it will be an exciting and difficult, but always entertaining choice for both our Judges and our audience to see who goes home with a Blaster Award.

And so without further ado here is the first nominee for this year's award.

Writer/Direcor: Ruairí Robinson


Synopsis: Meet Blinky: he's the droid who is a servant and a toy and all he wants is a friend. The only problem is, he's not very good at making friends...

John Vaughan says: "Blinky is a visually-stunning vision of the near future from Academy Award Nominee Ruairí Robinson. You will fall in love and feel sorry for the little droid in this moving, and more importantly, disturbing fable on why it's important for children to always look after their toys."

We'll see you here next Monday when we announce the second of this year's nominees... Now where's that lightsabre? I'm feeling a bit chilly!

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