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The Fifth Golden Blasters Nominee!

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Oh hello, you seem to have caught me at a bad time... Tell you what: while you're waiting, why don't you have a look at the fifth entry for this year's Blasters.

Hai In Mano Il Tuo Futuro!
(You Got The Future In Your Hands!)
Enrico Maria Artale

You Got The Future In Your Hands
Synopsis: Italy, the near future: Control of the populace has been radicalized by a new systematic monitoring of urine. Paolo, a young man, is futilely trying to fill his daily quota. The situation is complicated by the fact he is being watched by a beautiful new nurse, but as Paolo fails to produce his sample, the tension is rising, the police are waiting, and Paolo may just be the spark for revolution.

John Vaughan Says: "A political comedy about urine shouldn't work, but this one does beautifully. Not only is it funny, but it is also a stunning vision of a near-future, and a brilliant political satire of the absurd levels a police state would have to go to if you were to take it to its logical conclusion."

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The Golden Blasters' Script Competition Nominees!

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A woman arrived on a nine-foot-tall zebra this afternoon, with a list of names and screenplay titles. She was dressed like Thor, and it was awesome. Anyways... We thought we'd share what the list had to say.


The Golden Blasters' script competition nominees for 2011 are... *drum roll*

Wet Rot
by Stuart Creque
A family begins to fall apart as a single father tries to save his house.

The Date
by Edd Howarth
A man and his robotic house prepare for a date.

by Gavan Murphy
Hunting for a Christmas tree at the last minute leads to an beautifully-lit pine in the woods. But where's the power coming from?

The Disappeared
by Hugh Travers
Trying to get out of the drugs trade isn't easy...for anyone involved.

The Last FairyTale Chronicles
by Dadrea Heron
Young sisters get into trouble when playing gets out of hand.

A Sliver of Light
by Charles Hall
Polygraphs aren't always so accurate.

The Fourth Golden Blasters Nominee!

Cause I'm leaving on a jet-plane....wait , wait I can get this... don't know if I'll be back again...

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Oh hello there.

Here at the Towers, we're trying to cheer ourselves up after watching the fourth and perhaps most emotionally-moving entrant to this year's Blasters.

Last Flight
Writer/Director: Damon Keen
New Zealand

last flight


Mars 2083: an all-out nuclear war has erupted back on Earth. The first casualty however has been the Mars base, now a lone survivor, armed only with a radio and a dwindling oxygen supply, begins a final, perilous journey to the end of the world.

John Vaughan Says:

"Perhaps the most moving of this year's Blasters, this shows us a visually brilliant conception of the surface of Mars while at the same time one woman's struggle to continue on , to fight for a future even in the face of death."

We'll be back Friday with the fifth of our selection. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm not crying, it's just I've got something in my eye... Honest!

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