Octocon 2011

"Victory?" - One Last Time

No fun at The Towers today, with this report from John Vaughan...


"I have to sadly report that "Victory?" has been eliminated from this year's StoryLand. It seems not enough people voted for the show itself to avoid elimination... We were literally one percent off qualifying for round two.

"Sadly, this isn't Hollywood, so there were no last minute reprieves, but are we down hearted? No! Because we managed to convince RTÉ to attempt an alien invasion series: something never done in their fifty year history. All of you who supported us should be proud of that.
"I want to thank everyone involved (including the writing team of D+R, James Brophy, and the unbelivably helpful and loyal James Bacon), those who watched, and those who voted. In a single week, our little six minute drama got over three thousand views on YouTube alone! And that's what I wanted to make: not a show to vote for, but a show to watch and enjoy.
"So to you all, my most humble thanks and remember: there is no Victory this day but there are many more stories to come and there will be other days!
"John Vaughan"

"VOTE Not View" - A Message From John Vaughan

Here at the Towers, we've received an important message from Writer/Director John Vaughan and he has asked us to pass it on!

"Over the last few days, Victory? has received over TWO THOUSAND views on YouTube. On a personal level, I'm chuffed. To me, this is what I made Victory? for: for fans to see and enjoy Irish Science Fiction... Unfortunately, due to confusion about the Storyland voting process, many who thought that they'd voted have not. We've been inundated with a great number of people leaving likes or assuming that viewing the video is a vote...unfortunately it is not and we are currently three percent outside the safety zone for qualifying for episode two...so this is what you do:

1. Go to the RTÉ StoryLand website
2. Press vote
3. A "Login With Facebook" button will appear
4. Confirm your membership of Facebook

And that's it! If you haven't voted, vote now, tell your friends your family to vote and show them how, because if you want Irish Science Fiction to have a chance than you must vote for Victory?!

Will you fight for Victory?

Well, the talking is done, the words have been written, and it's time... If you really do want to see new science fiction drama on RTÉ, than it's time to vote...

From today, you have seven days to vote for "Victory?". The voting system is simple enough.

Watch the episode at the RTÉ STORYLAND website, push the "vote" button and follow the simple steps (you have to be registered with Facebook. If you're not: register. Isn't it worth making Mr.Zuckerberg a few dollars richer to ensure Victory's survival? Also you need to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, from what we've heard so far.), but it's vital to vote or all the work that's gone into this will be for naught.

This is it. Make RTÉ history by having them continue this alien invasion drama series, and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for Victory!

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