The Golden Blasters: Why do I feel like somebody's watching me?

Paranoid, why should we be paranoid? I mean it's not like someones out to get us, but what if they were? our next two entrants for this years award deal with with the idea that the fear isn't a fear but a reality.

Live Action: Australia: Directed by Luke Doolan


The year is 2237 and aboard a starship 101 years into it's mission , Chief Engineer Jacobs has been awoken to find that a disaster has killed the majority of the crew and that there is only one Cryo pod left! Now the survivng crew members must decide who goes into the pod, who stays with the cargo that will decide the fate of mankind.

John Vaughan says:  A tense fifteen minute action thriller with an astonishing look that puts most big screen features with one hundred times the budget to shame.

Live Action: USA: Directed by Ben Silberfarb


"It's out there, it's everywhere , it's learning fast!"
When a brilliant computer scientist uses his own memories to teach his latest creation the concept of being self aware , little does he know he may become responsible for creating the Singularity.

John Vaughan says:  a brilliant example of all good sci-fi cinema needs is a strong idea , this is a genre piece the harkens back to paranoia of Seventies thrillers such as Three days of the Condor and the Parallax View and manages to do so in less than twenty minutes.

Like I said there's nothing to be paranoid about ...I mean that's just crazy talk isn't it? Come back on Wednesday when we'll reveal the final entrant for this years blasters. Final? Wait what do you mean I know too....