The Golden Blasters ...Round Two, Seconds out...FIGHT!

Well this time next week the Con should be well underway and you gentle reader should be in the middle of deciding which panel you're going to attend first? So in anticipation of the beginning of everybody's favourite con , here's the next two nominees for this years blasters and I gotta tell you, there's gonna be blood!


Live Action: USA: Directed by Greg Omelchuck and Raina James

           Chorebot Img

Texas , the near future. Simon is a dog, Chorebot is the robot who looks after him while the master is at work but when tragedy strikes in the shape of a bizarre accident, will anyone notice Simon and Chorebot and will anyone care?

John Vaughan says: All I have to say is If you're not moved by the ending of this beautiful little short...than you're dead inside.

The Shoreditch Slayer

Live Action: UK: Directed by Simon Levene

                       Shoreditch Slayer Img

So in the wake of the  Twilight books and  movies , where have all the scary vampires gone and what do they do for a living?

John Vaughan says: The shortest of our entrants this year, beautifully shot and produced in the style of a health and safety warning, this will leave you laughing.