Alan Nolan

Alan NolanAlan Nolan is the co-creator, with Ian Whelan, of the twice-Eagle Award-nominated comic Sancho, along with a smattering of stories for other Irish publications, such as the beautiful Sorry I Can’t Take Your Call Right Now, I’m Off Saving the World and the Irish-language comic RíRá.

In January 2011 Alan was named at number 73 in the Sunday Tribune's Hot 100, having signed a deal with The O'Brien Press for six graphic novels for children. The first of these, Death by Chocolate, a "Murder Can Be Fatal Mystery", was published in August 2011. A third "Murder Can Be Fatal" book, Destination Homicide, is scheduled for May 2012, and a fourth, And the Blood Flowed Green, for Autumn 2012.

Alan’s idiosyncratic sense of humour makes him a fantastic guest for any convention, and we’re glad he’s decided to come back to ours!

Alan Nolan’s website can be found at