The Committee


Gareth Kavanagh

Gareth - Chairperson

Gareth has been involved in fandom for a 'short' time. In that time he has founded a college society in NUI Maynooth, being involved in the running of the gaming convention Dominicon, and on the Committee of P-con. While he likes Science Fiction and Fantasy, but is too much of a coward to actually watch/read horror.




Danielle - Website Content Editor and Communications Officer

Despite years of wantonly confusing people by not making any sense, Danielle has become the editor of Octocon's online presence. She is a writer, musician and Twitter-addict. She reads far too many comic books. She likes bad jokes and Amanda Palmer.


Kate O Hanlon: - Treasurer



Friends of Octocon



Finn - Officer of the High Society for the Preservation of the Golden Blasters

Finn has been interested in fantasy fiction from a young age. As an avid reader of Irish mythology, she devoured books by authors such as Michael Scott, David Eddings and Terry Brooks. In recent years her reading taste has moved more towards the shades of grey fantasy fiction of George RR Martin, Robin Hobb, Pat Rothfus and Scott Lynch among others.
She has also explored other elements of geekdom including Magic: The Gathering, L.A.R.P. (Mostly Vampire the Masquerade but also Call of Cthulhu), and generaly tabletop gaming.