The Golden Blasters 2011!

Well, well! Octocon's annual film festival and awards, The Golden Blasters, sure were an interesting bunch this year! The room was packed, and everyone we met afterwards had strong opinions about the films.

Two other shorts were shown, besides the nominees, as they had great merit, but didn't quite make the cut for different reasons. These were Tod Polson's Escape of the Gingerbread Man, and Anthony Woodley's Arca.

Having shown all of our films, it was then up to our audience, and our judges, to pick the Silver and Golden Blasters, respectively. Of course, there wasn't much of a divergence between the two this year, as both awards went to one film: Hai In Mano Il Tuo Futuro!

The short revolves around a man's daily trip to have his urine monitored, like everyone else. But what happens when one just can't go? The audience were laughing their hats off at this Italian gem of political satire, so it was no wonder that this piece won. Well done to Enrico Maria Artale and everyone involved in this movie's making.

You Got The Future In Your Hands

In the Short Script Competition, our judges whittled the many entries down to just one, but it was tough. This year's winner was, once again, Stuart Creque, who won last year's award, as well. This year he won for his script Wet Rot. Stuart's writing is just pure, twisted genius, we have to say. With original ideas, clever dialogue, and brilliant execution, we genuinely can't wait to see his scripts produced.

We also wanted to give honourable mentions to (in the Horror category) - The Disappeared by Hugh Travers and (in the Sci-Fi category) The Date by Edd Howarth. Those were some impressive scripts, too. Nice job, one and all! :)

Our competition will be taking some bold new steps for 2012, so stay tuned for the opening of next year's competition, very soon!


The Golden Blasters Team