The Final Golden Blasters Nominee!

In the Bowels of Octocon Towers, there is a special padded room where your friendly host is currently having a quick "rest". Just don't agitate him, oh and no sharp objects...or spoons. I advise you not to ask....


"All films and no play makes...oh hello, I guess you're here to find out what the sixth entrant for this year's Blasters is, well you have a look while I pour myself a nice Chianti !" *giggles*

Writer/Director Terence White

The Night Nurse


The Night Nurse (Ger Ryan) is doing the graveyard shift on a psychiatric ward, but something is very, very wrong. Will The Night Nurse solve the terrible secret of the patient in room 5 before it claims her?

John Vaughan Says:

"So, we return to Ireland for our final nominee, and what a film, this is a beautifully shot and crafted short, barely four minutes in length, yet telling a tale worthy of the best Hitchcockian psychological horror stories."

And that's it. Those are your six shorts set out to thrill and delight, terrify and entertain you. There are only a few days to go until you help to decide who will take home the coveted Silver Blaster Award, and remember, one of you that votes will be taking home a fabulous prize to boot! As for me? Well watching all those films hasn't affected me...of course not. I'm just going to sit here awhile and relax. Just writing some stuff on the walls, now lets see where was I...? Oh yes "Red rum, Red Rum, Red rum... see you Sunday...bwahahahahahahahhah!"